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About Primaflora

Primaflora is an enthusiastic and innovative company that has built an unrivalled reputation for creating beautiful gardens.  Working on a range of domestic gardens, our services include garden surveying & design, landscape construction and professional horticultural services.


Primaflora Garden Design and Build believes that a carefully planned garden, built to a high standard is a solid investment in your property.


Our Process

Consultation  Design  Build  Maintain

Initial Design & Quotation

Our garden designer will visit your garden to discuss the practical and aesthetic requirements, as well as your aspirations for the space.  


From the initial consultation we will prepare a quote for the design of your garden.


Garden Survey & Design

Once the design quote is accepted we will arrange for the garden to be surveyed and measured. The topographical survey provides us with a 'blue print' of your garden and enables Primaflora to consider all the features shown on the survey including features such as boundaries, existing trees, buildings and most importantly the levels of the ground.

Specification of Landscaping Work & Bills of Quantity

On agreement and completion of the design Primaflora provide a detailed specification of work, out-lining all the major cost items required to complete the build of your garden. 


Landscape Construction

All landscaping materials and plants are sourced by Primaflora, along with large machinery and legal permissions, where necessary.


A dedicated landscaping team is then assigned for the duration of your build. All our teams work to a superior standard and quality finish.

Subsequent seasonal garden visits can be arranged to undertake skilled horticultural practices, such as formative pruning of shrubs, trees and climbers.


Create your dream garden.
Tell us about your project today.

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